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A borrowed book can be reserved. You will receive notice from your library when the book is available and can be fetched.

How do I make a reservation?

In order to reserve a book on this website you must log in to your user account. Log in at the upper right-hand corner of this web page. Then search for the book in the library catalogue by entering the desired title in the Search field (Sök). Select the book you wish to borrow and click the "Reservera" link.

When can I fetch the book?

As soon as the book you have reserved is available at the library, you will be notified via e-mail and/or a text message. If you have not submitted an e-mail address or a phone number you will be notified via mail.

What rules apply to reservations?

Books, audio books, talking books and music CD:s can be reserved. You cannot reserve films or games.

At which libraries can I reserve books?

Umeå Public Library, the Bookmobile, Ersboda Library, Grubbe Library, Holmsund's Library, Hörnefors Library, Mariehem's Library, Obbola Library, Sävar Library, Teg's Library, Umedalen's Library, Ålidhem's Library, Bjurholm's Library, Nordmaling's Library, Robersfors Library, Bygdeå Library, Ånäset's Library, Vindeln's Library, Granö Library, Hällnäs Library, Tvärålund's Library, Åmsele Library, Vännäs Library and Vännäsby Library.

Books found in the libraries at Dragonskolan, Fridhemsgymnasiet, Midgårdsskolan, Liljaskolan and Jenningskolan can only be reserved by pupils, teachers and staff at each respective school.

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